While working out in the Police Station gym, Jack Carson listens to his co-worker Kishan Anand ranting. Kishan’s daughter Kyra was staying over at a friend’s place, so he thought he could let loose and entertain a hot date at his apartment. Kishan got a bit rowdy and his neighbours banged on the door and totally killed the mood. Jack agrees that getting WooHoo blocked sucks.

Rude Awakening

Arun Bheeda angrily chews out his neighbour, Kishan Anand, after loud and inappropriate noises coming from Kishan’s apartment disrupt toddler Milton’s sleep. From his state of undress, Jesminder can tell that Kishan must have been entertaining a hot date.

Gym Addict

The Pancakes family visit their neighbours, the Sierras, so that toddlers Iggy and Darrin can play together. Kelly Sierra notices that Bob Pancakes has really become quite muscular. Eliza explains that Bob has become a gym addict recently. Bob hates working out, but once he started seeing such noticeable gains, he couldn’t stop!

Fitting Room

While shopping for new clothes, Jordon notices that a salesperson is paying him special attention. Jordon has been subtly flirting the whole time, but maybe Ali Jabari just really wants to make a sale? Jordon decides to test this in the fitting room when Ali asks if he needs assistance, and Jordon replies that he could use a hand getting undressed…