New Bro

The housemates of Cacti Casa think they’ve found the perfect candidate to move into Mitchell’s old room. Jack Carson is an active guy, is really passionate about fishing, and both J and Gavin can tell he’s also a bro too.


The housemates of Cacti Casa bid farewell to their roomie, Mitchell Kalani. He’s moving out to live with his new wife in Willow Creek. Zoe gives Mitchell a big hug and makes him promise to visit often, while J and Gavin cheer for their bro Mitchell taking the next step in his life.

Group Vacation

The Roomies start their group vacation in Granite Falls with a game of tossing horseshoes. J Huntington III opts to take his girlfriend Brynlee Woodward along, while Zoe Patel invites her love interest Uriah Keating, and Mitchell Kalani brings his new fiancée Amie Irvin. Gavin Richards decides to fly solo.