New Bro

The housemates of Cacti Casa think they’ve found the perfect candidate to move into Mitchell’s old room. Jack Carson is an active guy, is really passionate about fishing, and both J and Gavin can tell he’s also a bro too.


Police Chief Karim Al Habib checks in with two of the new rookie cops at the station. Jack Carson is a promising junior officer and Akito Ishikawa has big shoes to fill – Akito’s Uncle Daichi taught Karim everything he knows about being Chief. Karim has high expectations of them both.


While working out in the Police Station gym, Jack Carson listens to his co-worker Kishan Anand ranting. Kishan’s daughter Kyra was staying over at a friend’s place, so he thought he could let loose and entertain a hot date at his apartment. Kishan got a bit rowdy and his neighbours banged on the door and totally killed the mood. Jack agrees that getting WooHoo blocked sucks.