Rude Awakening

Arun Bheeda angrily chews out his neighbour, Kishan Anand, after loud and inappropriate noises coming from Kishan’s apartment disrupt toddler Milton’s sleep. From his state of undress, Jesminder can tell that Kishan must have been entertaining a hot date.

Mad Skillz

Arun visits GeekCon to participate in the Hackathon contest. He’s up against his new work colleague J Huntington III, who is hiding some mad skillz in programming behind those muscular bro looks. J wins the competition, but Arun will keep practising and do better next time!


Arun and Jesminder Bheeda invite some of their neighbours to socialise in their small Spice Market apartment. Jesminder chats with Shanaya Chandran and Rose Monroe from the Old Salt House across the square, while Arun evangelises the benefits of vegetarianism to Tyson Temple and Kengo Shimizu from Culpepper House next door.