Better Hospital Staff

Tweaks to the behaviour of hospital co-workers, such as automatic admission of new patients to beds.

Default behavior

The default behaviour of co-workers for the active doctor career in The Sims 4 Get to Work is somewhat lacking.

The nurses tend to pick one patient and then just chat with them for the entire work shift, blocking access to that patient. The doctors tend to just stay on one of the chemical analyser machines all day. The orderly is useful, being the staff member assigned to clean, make beds and repair broken objects.

While playing the active doctor career, I often felt like the staff could do more to help, or at least seem like there were being busy around the hospital. Especially with frustrated patients waiting at reception to be admitted.


This mod tweaks the following background behaviour:

  • Orderlies and nurses will deliver food to hungry patients and chat about healthcare.
  • Nurses and doctors will perform random examinations on patients.
  • Orderly will greet new patients waiting at reception and admit them to empty hospital beds.
  • Orderly will badge-in at the reception desk at the beginning of their shift.
  • Orderly will perform calibration tests on the X-ray machines if they are not already calibrated.

So these are just a couple of minor changes and additional behaviours, but I’ve found that it makes my gameplay experience as a doctor more fun. I can focus on treating patients while the staff do things in the background and not just stand around idle all day.


  • The examinations performed by the nurses and doctors are just for show, and they don’t actually contribute to the diagnosis of the patients. It’s still up to your active doctor to make diagnosis and treatment and allows you to fulfil work tasks.
  • With more options, the nurse should bounce between different patients to perform exams or deliver food, but occasionally they may randomly pick the same patient to chat with repeatedly.
  • At early career levels, your active doctor will be performing the tasks of an orderly – so you will be expected to admit patients to beds yourself (it may even be one of your work tasks). When you reach nurse and doctor level tasks, the game provides an NPC orderly and this mod allows them to perform autonomous patient admissions.
  • At higher level doctor, you may randomly get an “understaffed” day at the hospital situation, where there’s no orderly for the day – just another doctor and a nurse. You’ll have to admit patients yourself on those days.
  • This mod rewrites the tuning files for a lot of hospital bed related interactions and NPC orderly role. If you have other mods which specifically change the same resources, they may conflict with each other.

Download and install

Download the ZIP file containing the mod. Open the ZIP file and take the package file out, placing it into your Mods folder for The Sims 4, found in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods.

Better Hospital Staff (21 KB)

Latest updated version: 24 January 2019
Tested with game version: PC

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Totally into The Sims, various MMOs and previously appeared on podcasts. Noob blogger.

16 thoughts on “Better Hospital Staff”

  1. There’s a problem of this mod. For example, the X-ray examined patient might be back without bed if there’re too many patients.


    1. Try to clear patients faster to free up beds. I don’t really have any issues, because I added four more exam beds to the hospital and the game never generates more than ten patients.


  2. Everything works except the automatic admission of patients. It says orderlys will admit patients but I only have the nurse, doctor and assistant and none of them do it. Am I doing something wrong?


    1. It’s explained in the notes section on the mod’s info – in the early levels of the doctor career your own sim is the orderly. There won’t be an NPC orderly until you are promoted and reach nurse level stuff. This doesn’t have anything to do with the mod though – it doesn’t affect the default number of staff that appear – that’s still all controlled by the vanilla game.


  3. I just really wanted to say thank you. I basically had to ignore most of the pilling up patience to complete my daily tasks, and not a single other person address one. The first I admitted to a hospital bed, another staff member just walked up and chatted to him and I could not treat him. So very thankful you created a mod to fix this. Otherwise I was considering never actively going to work with that sim.


    1. I haven’t tested it with other people’s mods, but I don’t think there would be any conflict, because they don’t use any of the same resources from the game.


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